Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Water Department Employees Arrested on Heroin-Trafficking Charges

Now this, I think, may attract the notice of the most jaded and scandal weary Chicagoan. Three City of Chicago employees - two from the Department of Water and one from Transportation - were among a ring of nine arrested on charges of heroin-trafficking. Wired (AP):

U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald said water department workers "were engaging in this kind of conduct during weekdays, during workdays, when they should not have been."
Yes, I guess there is a time and a season to sell heroin, Patrick. Just not while you're working, I gather. Come to think of it, do we know they were really working? Hey, this is Chicago. Just because you're punching in, doesn't mean you're working. Well, working a campaign, maybe.
No, I believe I'm mixing my flagrant-corruption stories. Hope you can forgive me, but there's just so much of the stuff. After all:
The water department is already awash in charges of bribery and other corruption.
(Wanna bet that pun was unintentional?)

It truly is hard to tell the players without a scorecard. (I should work on one, maybe. Tell me what you think.) Even the feds are concerned we won't keep it all straight:
The feds are emphasizing this is not directly connected to the massive Hired Truck scandal that has ravaged Mayor Daley's water department, nor is it connected directly to another scam unveiled last week, payroll padding in the water suspect [sic], which resulted in nine city workers losing their jobs, including the commissioner Rick Rice. (ABC7Chicago)
The mayor's reaction?
"People sell heroin all over. It doesn't matter. They could be a public employee, a private employee, people are selling heroin right now out on the streets."
Ah, that's alright then. In a pig's eye.

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