Monday, December 05, 2005

Third Party Wisdom?

Bruno Behrend over at Extreme Wisdom is suggesting that a conservative independent candidate for governor is just what Illinois needs. In the event that the candidate with the weakest poll numbers among Oberweis, Rauschenberger, and Brady does not withdraw from the primary race in favor of the strongest of the three, Topinka will win the primary, and Illinois voters will have to choose between two (too?) liberal candidates.
He says:

With two virtually indistinguishable liberals in the race, large numbers of conservatives will simply stay home on election day. This virtually guarantees that the Democrats pick up seats in both the House and Senate. It is not inconceivable that they pick up veto proof majorities.
"Yikes!", you say? Well, go read his ideas on a solution. You'll find it worthwhile - as I did - to read some his other stuff, too.

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