Monday, April 28, 2008

The Great Blue Line Debacle

Fear not, the Blue Line debacle is being addressed. (I like the word 'debacle'. It's a good catch-all word, the same as, but more polite than 'cock-up', or 'c___-f__'.) Anyway, in an At Issue interview (April 27) on WBBM Radio, Ron Huberman, CTA President, talks about ways to improve the CTA debacle response.

Evidently, bad communication was the culprit, so here's the plan. If CTA train employees happen to miss communications on 1.) 1300 new, 52" digital screens at stations; 2.) scrolling digital screens on brand new, specially communications-equipped rail cars; 3.) the announcements from the hub on the newly hub-announcement-capable audio system on said new cars, and 4.) the good old radio, well, there are always 5.) the cell phones, specialized for subway operation and text-capable, to be issued to all operators on the Red and Blue lines. Oh, and there's $14,000,000 in subway upgrades (in the works before The Great Blue Line Debacle) that include lots of new emergency phones with blue lights.

Get everybody talking, that's what I always say. But the problem was some person or persons who didn't know how to communicate. In my experience, no amount of equipment will solve that one. On the up side, Mr. Huberman says there is a one-day communications class for CTA employees in the works, to help them along, and he says the 1300 52" digital screens are being provided by advertisers at no cost to the CTA. Good ideas? You can listen to the interview here, and decide for yourself.
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