Friday, May 02, 2008

Illinois Policy Institute - State's Hoggish Spending

I found this in The 2008 Illinois Piglet Book over at Illinois Policy Institute.

By the state’s own admission, fiscal year 2008 included appropriations of $89,744,729,355. The U.S. Census bureau estimates that Illinois’ population in 2007 was 12,852,548 – so in effect, the state spent $6,982.64 per man, woman, and child. The state spends a staggering $2,845.79 per second; with a median family income in Illinois of $63,121 in 2006 (the most recently available data), that much is spent by the state every 22.18 seconds. The average per capita income in Illinois in 2006 was $26,514, an amount spent by the state every 9.32 seconds.
So of course, they need more of our money. Sorry - should have saved this for Monday. Have a great weekend!

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