Sunday, May 25, 2008

Missing Marge

A technical glitch, and poof - no more Marge!
We looked in the yard, we searched wide and large!
Where is Marge?
We searched in the yews down next to the stoop!
We went prayerfully all the way to the to the Loop,
But no Marge!
We yelled really loud, 'Hang on Marge, we're coming!'
We listened all night! We hoped she'd come running . . .
. . . No Marge.
We searched other blogs, we searched everywhere!
Please hurry back Margie, we're tearing our hair!
We're saving your seat on the third right stair.
We need your name up over by 'dere!
(Sigh.) Where is Marge?

From the group on the Chicago Bungalow stoop.

UPDATE: Marge is back, and we're happy! Slipped on a cyber-banana peel, says Not Wired. This is just internal chatter. Nothing to see here. Just keep scrolling . . .

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