Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pajamas Media - Rezko Witness Leaves New Questions about Obama Real Estate Deal Unanswered

Hillary has her Norman Hsu (forgot about that, eh?), and Obama has his Rezko.

The problem for Obama is that he first said, through campaign spokesman Bill Burton in an email to the news site Raw Story back in January, that “[h]e has no recollection of ever meeting him [Auchi].” Then, in an interview with the Chicago Sun Times, Obama let on that he “may” have met Auchi at the Four Seasons reception sponsored by Blagojevich.
Yeah. He doesn't remember. (He was a little fuzzy on Wright, too, until Wright's Press Club performance shook out the cobwebs.) A huge political liability appears and suddenly . . .

The media's asking, is it possible that he sat in this church for 20 years and doesn't remember a single poisonous diatribe? Well, I think there are only a few possibilities. Either he was there all that time, and in a close relationship with Wright, and had no inkling of the hateful and bigoted worldview (i.e., has incisive perceptiveness of a turnip), he agrees, or he used his church membership for political gain.

I'm asking, is it possible that he will sit through a cabinet meeting and not remember a single intelligence briefing? Will he percieve the difference in worldview between the leaders of Iran and the leaders of Israel? Do we really want a player from the cesspool of Chicago politics in the White House?

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