Friday, May 09, 2008

Think Our Gas Prices Are Bad???

Every day we hear people griping about gasoline prices. I got curious about how bad prices are in other countries. It's not hard to find info on the subject - you can view an interesting chart here. According to "Weekly Retail Premium Gas Prices (Including Taxes)", a gallon of premium gas in U.S. dollars on January 1st, 1996 was:

  1. Belgium -$3.95
  2. France-$3.93
  3. Germany-$4.07
  4. Italy-$3.89
  5. Netherlands-$4.32
  6. U.K.-$3.20
  7. U.S.-$1.27
Let's move ahead to April 28, 2008:
  1. Belgium-$8.69
  2. France-$8.30
  3. Germany-$8.53
  4. Italy-$8.26
  5. Netherlands-$9.45
  6. U.K.-$8.26
  7. U.S.-$3.83
I know. I feel better, too.

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