Monday, May 19, 2008

Will all the far-right-wing neocon Jewish bloggers please stand up?

This gem was in a Trib article, "Obama courts Jewish vote as doubts persist" on Sunday morning.

"There is an organized effort to discredit Sen. Obama in the Jewish community that is more relentless and aggressive than anything I've ever seen," said Alan Solomont, a major Obama supporter and fundraiser in Boston. "It starts probably among the far-right-wing neocons, bloggers, Bush supporters in the Jewish community who see Sen. Obama as an easy target to exploit in the Jewish community."
Yeah, who wouldn't believe it "starts probably" there? Of course it isn't anything Obama said (or the company he keeps). And it isn't paranoia if relentless far-right-wing neocon Jewish bloggers really are after you.

By the way - Anne at the BackyardConservative has another reaction to the same article. Good stuff. Go see - we'll wait. And to all you relentless far-right-wing neocon Jewish bloggers, wherever you are: three cheers and best wishes from the folks on the stoop.

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