Monday, June 09, 2008

Check to Comcast for "My Right Arm" Leaked, Couple Sues

From Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

A South Fayette woman so fed up with her cable television provider that she offered a body part as payment is suing the company after a copy of her check, including personal and financial information, wound up in cyberspace.

Krista Cooney and her husband, Chad, filed a federal lawsuit this week in Pittsburgh against Comcast Corp., claiming an employee of the cable giant e-mailed a copy of the check to people outside the company.

Unhappy with how much she was being charged, Cooney made out the check for "My Right Arm and Zero Dollars" and in the memo wrote for "Robbing Customers Blind."
Cooney's signature, address, and bank account number were on the image of the check that appeared on the internet .
"They're still shocked and in fear of some major identity theft attempt," said Collins, who believes his clients are still Comcast customers. "They're so geeked by this."
Yeah, I'd be "geeked", too. Is it me, or do cable company employees have a special gift for ticking people off?

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