Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Incredible Disappearing County Contract

Infrastructure Engineering was poised to receive the contract. But County Commissioner Tim Schneider, a Bartlett Republican, questioned it, and the Daily Herald reported on it:

Infrastructure has given $4,570 to Todd Stroger's political fund since 2000 and $38,595 to various county officials or their relatives, including four sitting county commissioners, all of whom helped Stroger pass his $426-million sales tax increase earlier this year. Another $3,250 was donated to the Cook County Democratic Party.

Of the two competing bids, one has no record of donating to any county officials, while Dynasty has donated far less: $1,000 to Todd Stroger and $1,000 to his late father, former county board President John H. Stroger.

The only mention of the contract at Tuesday's meeting came when a board secretary reviewed for commissioners changes in the agenda.

"Mr. President, I believe item No. 25 was also withdrawn," Commissioner Joan Murphy said.

"Yes it was," confirmed Stroger.

Later in the meeting, Commissioner William Beavers demanded to know why the contract wasn't being pursued.

"I'd like to go back to item 25 and find out why it was deferred," said Beavers, who has received $10,000 from Infrastructure.

"You can't because it was withdrawn," replied Stroger. "It's like it never existed."
Kudos to County Commissioner Tim Schneider. Maybe he can tell us how to get our hands on the magic wand that did that.

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The Real Estate Advisor said...

Maybe Stroger and his administration is trying to weed this kind of stuff out. It seems BEavers wanted it passed.

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