Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mexican Submarine Cocaine Bust

For some reason, the MSM in the US isn't inclined to report in depth on stories about good guys doing good things:

Mexican Navy Seizes Cocaine sub
[BBC News /Americas July 18, 2008]

The Mexican navy says it has seized nearly six tonnes of cocaine found inside a 10m-long (31ft) makeshift submarine in the Pacific Ocean.
Be sure to watch the video. Apparently, these subs have been known to exist for some time but this is the first actual capture. The U.S. provided intel. The seizure was a Mexican military operation. Keep up the good work.

Up Periscope!
Not Wired

CORRECTION: The U.S. Coast Guard captured a cocaine-smuggling submarine in February 2008. A Pentagon Channel video covers the capture. More information from Coast Guard News is here. An MSNBC article mentions the capture of submarines in 2005 and attempts to use them even earlier. Sorry about the confusion.

Seems the Mexican military weren't the first after all. (I don't think the Pentagon channel could be confused with the MSM, do you?)

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