Thursday, September 25, 2008

IMAO: "oh noes!!!! IMAO Under Attack!!!"

IMAO says he's getting spam comment attempts from Chicago IPs. And I just wanna say, we don' know nuthin' aboudit. Just because we're from Chicago don' make us no spammers, okay? And we aren't the only guys from 'dis town pokin' around over 'dere. From the comments:

"Al Capone Says:
Sorry about the spam, but aside from voting Democrat, there is little that the cemetery groundskeepers let us do here in Chicago. . ."
Yeah, see? Like I was sayin'.


bestonline323 said...
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bestonline323 said...

Teaching people how to deal with spam, preventing spam, sanctioning spammers, is pretty much my full time job. So, I find it particularly disappointing that one of my neighbors seems to be spamming people with this DFA "open letter to Don Gordon," trying to get him to back off from his election challenge.

I'm reserving judgment on the whole Don Gordon aldermanic election challenge itself, for now. This isn't about the merits of the argument. This is about forcing your views on people who didn't ask for them.

Spam is wrong. It's the online equivalent of the unwanted garbage that litters our sidewalks. Why would somebody knowingly send spam?

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