Monday, October 20, 2008

40 Hollywood Conservatives Launch Blog to Highlight Liberal Intolerance

The left-side-leanings of Hollywood are no surprise to those of us who have been avoiding the boredom of their recent -indoctrination films movies. But apparently, Republicans in Hollywood are also have difficulty finding that renowned "tolerance" of their liberal Democrat coworkers. And they are quietly forming groups in which they are free to share their views without repercussions. Paul Bond, in The Hollywood Reporter, describes the situation:

At a recent event for Republicans in Hollywood, an actress was asked whether she had ever worn her pro-Sarah Palin pin to an audition.

"You must be joking!" she said with a laugh, adding, "But I see Obama stuff all the time."

It's no secret that the entertainment industry is overwhelmingly liberal -- political donations this presidential cycle from the movie, TV and music industries recently were running about 86% Democrat versus 14% Republican. But being outnumbered is one thing, but being bullied by your liberal co-workers into keeping your opinions to yourself is quite another.

Is that what's going on? Yes, say many of the industry's conservatives. That's why secret organizations with such names as "SpeakEasy" and "The Sunday Night Club" spring up every so often. They're not conservative per se, they just let it be known that attendees of their gatherings may freely discuss politics without being chastised for not toeing the liberal line.

"Are you kidding me? Of course it's true," Kelsey Grammer said when asked whether the town is hostile to conservatives. "I wish Hollywood was a two-party town, but it's not."

Grammer said he knows of a makeup trailer that sported a sign warning Republicans to keep out and of U.S. war veterans who keep their backgrounds a secret from their Hollywood co-workers because they hear them belittle the military.

He even said that, earlier in his career, his job was threatened by a prominent sitcom director who demanded he donate money to Barbara Boxer's U.S. Senate campaign. To keep his job, he gave $10,000 to Boxer and the Democrats.

Nowadays, Grammer is a bankable actor who is unafraid to speak his mind. His advice to less established industry players, though, is to shut up about politics -- "unless you think the way you are supposed to think," and that means liberal.
Now, ordinarily I have no interest in what goes on with Hollywood's denizens. (I took refuge in Pixar long ago.) But I do have an amateur interest in things political, which is why I read Paul Bond's article. And that brings me to the first Hollywood development that has interested me in a very long time. Maybe ever. The conservatives are starting to push back:
, , ,there are many who are trying to make Hollywood more accommodating to political diversity. Andrew Breitbart is one. At his, he's launching a "Big Hollywood" blog with 40 industry conservatives tasked with -- among other things -- highlighting liberal intolerance.

"There's an undeniably vicious attitude against those who dissent," Breitbart said. "Hollywood is the most predictable place on the planet, not exclusively because of politics but because of narrow-mindedness."

Breitbart maintains that liberals have pushed conservatives too hard in Hollywood and that Americans have noticed. His intent is "to stop the bullying."
We're adding to our link list under "New Media", and we'll be looking for that new blog.

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nrn312 said...

Sounds like a typical bunch of contard crybabies. How's that American Carol work out for you?

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