Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Harrassing Moose Targets New Hampshire Town


Karen Dandurant, HAMPTON — People attending a conference at the Windsor Institute got a surprise Wednesday as a moose decided one of their pickup trucks was really attractive.

Mike Dunbar, owner of the business, said the moose got pretty amorous with a red Ford F150 truck owned by one of his conferees.

“I pulled in this morning and at first thought there was a horse in the driveway but then realized it was a moose,” Dunbar said. “It kind of circled the truck. It put one leg up and then a second front leg. After a few minutes, it became obvious what was going on. The people here for classes came outside and started taking pictures. The guy who owned the truck kept beeping his alarm, hoping it would scare it off but I guess (the moose) thought it was the call of the wild.”

Dunbar said the moose eventually wandered off, leaving embarrassed owner Michael Speck with a scratched up truck.

Speck would only say he was from central New York.

“It’s a nice truck, red, very pretty,” Speck said, laughing. “It was interesting. I feel very blessed.”
Yeah. Try to explain that to your insurance company. Other lovestruck moose escapades here. A great mug-shot here. And just so you know - the moose is partial to Fords.

(H/T Obscure Store & Reading Room)

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