Thursday, October 30, 2008

Take a look at Hillbuzz. (Did I just say that?)

Some Democrats are not convinced we're headed for Obama-nirvana. Amazing, what with the nirvana we've been enjoying here in Illinois. Particularly in Chicago, home town of The One. (Chicago kids' math scores are competitive with third world countries! Now that's an accomplishment, right? Highest sales tax, highest gas prices, murder capital, businesses fleeing, Republicans more rare than horseshoe bats, yada-yada. Democrat heaven.) Anyway, these Hillary supporters are not just skeptical - they're backing McCain-Palin and digging into some Illinois political dirt. Take a look at HillBuzz.

(This election sure is producing some strange bedfellows. The Democratic caucus fraud story at Hillbuzz gets a sympathetic ear on Ace of Spades. Never thought I'd see the day.)

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