Monday, November 24, 2008

Gender Analyzer War: Who's afraid of the females?

Often wonder whether the blog you're reading is written by a man or a woman? Yeah, me neither, but now there's a tool that's supposed to tell you that. Plug a URL into a gender analyzer, of all things, and it tells you "Man or woman, who is writing that blog?" Intriguing,

Well, according to Eric at Classical Values, because of this tool, a GenderAnalyzer war arose between Jules Crittenden and Gateway Pundit. Crittenden scored an admirably macho 95% and discovered that Gateway Pundit got a froofy 54% guy-likeliness score. Gateway Pundit found out about it when he read it on Jules Crittenden's site, and from his post I gather he was not one bit happy:

Instapundit. Damn, he’s only 64 percent male.

Vodkapundit. 90 percent stud.
Maybe it's the booze?

Then I read this...
Gatewaypundit... girly blogger at 54 percent.
What?!! That's F-n bullsh*t!
(I think he just wrote that because that "F-n bull" part sounds like a guy. Maybe boost that score a little. I don't think it worked.) Surprisingly, Crittenden was grousing, too . . .
Only 95 percent? Come on. I know I’m a sensitive kind of guy, but I do have a reputation as a frothing warmonger who periodically throws in some T & A. Whatta I need to do, more sports? Whatever.
. . . and immediately he compares manhood numbers with "Andrew Sullivan (80 percent male)." "Glenn Greenwald. 84 percent male." "Vodkapundit. 90 percent stud." Notice that now the numbers are "percentage male" or "percentage stud". And we all know what that implies.

Then again, maybe not.

Eric at Classical Values isn't exactly at ease with his GenderAnalyzer score, either:
Being someone who is quite uncomfortable with all of my "sides," naturally, this all made me wonder about myself. So, I plugged in Classical Values' URL, and saw this:
We think is written by a man (72%).
Eeek! This places me between Glenn Reynolds and Andrew Sullivan. Odd, because Glenn strikes me as more butch (a lot more butch) than Andrew.
Eric has a theory that his long post about "sordid homosexual sex in restrooms" improved his score. (I just skimmed it to see if I needed to add a content warning. I don't. Great, well written, etc.) Personally - I'd just avoid words like "Eeek".

Here's the thing. Only 95% male guy Crittenden mentioned any female bloggers. The others? Not a one, and in a way, I don't blame 'em. You've got to be secure in your studliness to cross scores with Maggie Thornton of Maggie's Notebook. She's 94% able to slug it out with the boys. (That's based on a couple of her individual posts to avoid sample contamination. Not that guys contaminate anything. I'm talking about the numbers.) Kate (small dead animals) at 77% and Two Sisters From the Right at 78% are in a near dead heat with Mudville Gazette's 79% warrior-dude-factor.

Diane Meyer (Respublica) 58% good-as-any-guy, and higher than Gateway Pundit, thank you very much. (By the way - I can afford to thumb these guys in the eye, 'cause I'm a flyspeck on the blogosphere, and they don't know I'm here. Don't try this at home.) Michelle Malkin got a 64% likelihood female, but her blog is bigger 'n theirs, I'll wager. And yours truly? Chicago Bungalow (with no guys on the front page at the moment) got a 91% you ain't no threat, girly mon score.

Gender Analyzer gender war? Bring it.

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Maggie M. Thornton said...

Absolutely hilarious!

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