Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here's a Shock - WaPo Had a "Tilt"

Deborah Howell, Ombudsman, Washington Post:

An Obama Tilt in Campaign Coverage

The Post provided a lot of good campaign coverage, but readers have been consistently critical of the lack of probing issues coverage and what they saw as a tilt toward Democrat Barack Obama. My surveys, which ended on Election Day, show that they are right on both counts.


... Obama deserved tougher scrutiny than he got, especially of his undergraduate years, his start in Chicago and his relationship with Antoin "Tony" Rezko, who was convicted this year of influence-peddling in Chicago. The Post did nothing on Obama's acknowledged drug use as a teenager.


In early coverage, I wasn't a big fan of the long-running series called "The Gurus" on consultants and important people in the campaigns. The Post has always prided itself on its political coverage, and profiles of the top dogs were probably well read by political junkies. But I thought the series was of no practical use to readers. While there were some interesting pieces in The Frontrunners series, none of them told me anything about where the candidates stood on any issue.
I think that last paragraph sums up the campaign media coverage in general. "... of no practical use to readers ... none of them them told me anything about where the candidates stood on any issue..."

The rest of the article probably isn't of practical use to readers either, but you can read it if you like. Or, you can check out the two columns to your right, and bookmark some better news sources. Up to you.

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