Monday, November 17, 2008

Illinois Review: At Least He Isn't Our Senator Now

Sam Pierce at Illinois Review is taking a look at the bright side - for our state, anyway - of Obama's victory. (If you like Obama ... well, I'd just give this one a miss, if I were you.) Here's a free sample:

"We are now free to move beyond the embarrassment of having elected Barack Obama as our senator. Unfortunately, Illinois’ gain is the nation’s loss. I wonder if Tony Rezko can get ahold of any property adjacent to The White House in case the Obama’s want to increase the size of their new yard. Can one purchase property while in prison or would “Big Brother” Barry have to pardon Rezko in order to get the good deal?"
He has a warm thought or two for Ayers as well. Go read. We'll wait.

(Via The Bench.)

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