Friday, November 21, 2008

We Endorse Don Wade For US Senator

Chicago Bungalow is endorsing WLS's Don Wade for U.S. Senator from Illinois. This follows endorsements from ABC's "This Week" Host George Stephanopoulos, IL Secretary of State Jesse White, and 6-year old Nik (Hey, it's Chicago, why can't he vote?) Blanchard. (You can see a list of other well known supporters here. Click the links to hear the endorsements.) Don has accepted no campaign money, and promises to remain for only one term. You can contact the Governor to urge him to appoint Don Wade:

Office of the Governor
207 State House
Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: 217-782-0244 or 312-814-2121
(or click this link)

A NOTE TO OUR READERS FROM OTHER STATES: If you don't follow Illinois politics, you may not know that there will be no election to replace Obama. It is widely believed that the profoundly unpopular and allegedly corrupt Governor Blagojevich will appoint the usual politically convenient crony, who will then spend two years campaigning on our dime. (These appointments of cronies and relatives are a regular feature of Illinois' politics.) Don has been "running" to replace Obama, and although his campaign is a spoof, he has attracted actual, albeit tongue-in-cheek endorsements from Illinois politicians, both Democrat and Republican, during interviews on the Don and Roma radio show. You can hear them here.

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