Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Big Hollywood Blog at Breitbart Launched

Back in October, Andrew Breitbart announced his intention to respond to the intolerance of a left-leaning Hollywood. As you may remember, The Hollywood Reporter ran the story 'Republicans in biz feel stifled, bullied' on October 19, 2008:

. . .there are many who are trying to make Hollywood more accommodating to political diversity. Andrew Breitbart is one. At his Breitbart.com, he's launching a "Big Hollywood" blog with 40 industry conservatives tasked with -- among other things -- highlighting liberal intolerance.

"There's an undeniably vicious attitude against those who dissent," Breitbart said. "Hollywood is the most predictable place on the planet, not exclusively because of politics but because of narrow-mindedness."

Breitbart maintains that liberals have pushed conservatives too hard in Hollywood and that Americans have noticed. His intent is "to stop the bullying."
As promised, we've been watching for it, and now Breitbart's Big Hollywood blog has been launched. Andrew Breitbart explains the motivation:
Big Hollywood is not a "celebrity" gabfest or a gossip outpost - it is a continuous politics and culture posting board for those who think something has gone drastically wrong and that Hollywood should return to its patriotic roots.
[. . .]
The anti-hero rules this celluloid world. Nihilism is packaged as edginess. And there's zero sense that anyone's watching out for quality control. Even the respected awards are often given to the most outlandish and gratuitously deplorable.
Here's a taste, from a post from author and screenwriter Andrew Klavan, who has clearly lost patience with the "entertainment" industry :
When it comes to deploring the leftist hegemony in Hollywood, I can deplore with the best of them. It stinks that America-bashing and God-bashing and military- and capitalism-bashing—the usual cowardly leftist conformism parading itself as courage—continue to alienate audiences and turn many films into predictable ideological yawnfests.

But because our dishonest media hypes this half-baked tripe while ignoring or attacking top-flight material that does not walk the lefty line, we may sometimes miss the good news slowly becoming apparent all around us: the conservative revolution is already underway; we’re winning and we’ll win.
Good, no? So get on over there and check it out, and from now on you'll find the link in the "Too Good to Miss" section of our sidebar.

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