Thursday, January 22, 2009

We've been tagged.

The Marathon Pundit (who has been waxing poetic of late) has tagged us with a meme. Gee whiz, John, we're grateful, and we'll be looking for some way to . . . well, return the favor.

1. Link to the person who tagged you. (Check.)
2. Post the rules on your blog. (Got it.)
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. (Almost everybody on the C.B. stoop wanted in on this.)
4. Tag six random people with a link.

Our six non-important quirky-things:

1. Marge: Yes, I can open glass pop bottles (or beer) with my teeth. No, I don't do it anymore.
Not Wired: Sponge Bob is my hero.
Pat: I can drive a manual transmission - and I like it.
Youchki: I like dogs, but I don't have one.

2. Not Wired: My favorite color is chrome.
Marge: I love rye bread smothered in sour cream - sometimes I add salt.
Pat: I pray during football games. (Doesn't everybody?)
Youchki: I enjoy going to plays with my wife.

3. Pat: I still have a WebVan magnet on my refrigerator.
Marge: If I played a musical instrument it would be drums.
Not Wired: Coke or Pepsi? Hmmm . . . Coke.
Youchki: When I was a teenager, I tried rewiring my car. When I turned on the windshield wipers, the radio came on.

4. Marge: I left my Cuddley Duddley Dog out in the rain and I miss him.
Not Wired: I think watching T-Ball is better than any major sport.
Pat: My favorite movie scene is Lieutenant Dan vs. God in Forrest Gump.
Youchki: I actually like Windows Vista.

5. Pat: I hate beets.
Youchki: I once put a dead critter in my grandma's freezer. (It wasn't beef.)
Marge: I like to read mysteries.
Not Wired: I refuse to wear shorts.

6. Marge: I am challenged by a good jigsaw puzzle.
Not Wired: My favorite fruit is pineapple.
Pat: I think Not Wired might be right about the shorts.
Youchki: I make a killer roast for Christmas. On the grill. In my slippers.

And the six victims are:

Maggie's Notebook
Lonely Conservative
Four Right Wing Wackos
DeadVoter (Oops. Not active.)
Flying Debris


Update #1: Publia at Wilmette came up with an innovative twist. She posted her 6 true confessions here (see the comments), and she is inviting those who want to play to let her know.

Update #2: We've been tagged again, same meme. What to do? As far as I know, there is no meme-guru to consult in such cases. We've already posted our oddities, and though I'm sure they were riveting, I don't think we'll post a second list. But a tag is a tag. So, in the spirit of linky-love, six more victims:

Conservative Women Unite!
Legal Insurrection
Scottish Right
The Sniper
Miserable Donuts

(I've probably made some grievous error in meme-etiquette. If you're bothered, feel free to leave a note in the complaints forum.)


Publia said...

For the sake of convenience of your readers--if they are interested--I'll put the six non-important quirky things here and not on my very own Wilmette blog. However, I am complying with the meme and have written this post on it.

1. Fill up that icewater glass! Don't serve me something that already looks like someone has taken a sip. The Bible speaks often about full measure. You want God to smite you?

2. I've been wearing a scarf from George Bush's inauguration all week. That's pretty quirky, but it has nice embroidery on it and it's warm. It's fleece like the little Obama girl wore, so I know it's the height of fashion.

3. I have a lot of shoes. Too many. I have run out of room.

4. I place a lot of stock in knowing the difference between a cream soup spoon and a regular soup spoon. Too bad they only make regular soup spoons in my everyday silverware. So much for manners.

5. If I find a bug in my house, generally speaking I pop it in a paper cup and take it outside. That is, unless it is one of those nasty pretend lady bug beetles from China. I smash them dead. It's good to be pro-life, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

6. I have a goldfish who is about 17 years old. Unfortunately, he has been suffering some health problems of late and I am worried.

Just because I don't want to leave anyone out, I am tagging the first six bloggers who indicate their interest in continuing this meme by leaving a comment on my blog. If you will be so kind to join in, I promise to come over and visit your blog and say something nice about it on mine.

Pat said...

Great stuff, Publia! I'd comment over by dere by you, but it might start some kind of meme feedback loop. Might mean the end of the blogosphere as we know it! ;-) Thanks for playin'!

Publia said...

Please note: No one will be tagged unwillingly. You must not only comment, but you must claim your tag as well.

pathickey said...

Lovely site, Kids!

BTW -re: Cream Soup Spoons -4. 'I place a lot of stock in knowing the difference between a cream soup spoon and a regular soup spoon. Too bad they only make regular soup spoons in my everyday silverware. So much for manners.'

Here on the south side, the wonderful wooden flat spoons that came with Dixie Cup ice cream make wonderful additions to my cutlery collection and it is fun to watch guests shovel away at a nice steaming bowl of Le velouté or La bisque - determined by my guests prefernaces for fresh vegetable or shell fish, n'cest pas.

Dining alone, ala Le Gavroche, it is my custom to encircle the turteen with my powerful right arm's tender embrace and launch the ladle in at full gallop!

Bon Apetite!

Publia said...

Oh, pathickey, surely you joke. Using les petits cuilliers du Dixie for soup? You are a de Sade at the dinner table! But come to think of it, quite a good way to enjoy cream soup and stay thin and fit all at once!

pathickey said...

Publia, Que Bella!

One would imagine that employing thin wooden spoons might keep the lard from caulking the ribs and rump, but the gusto for gobbling and my natural athletic aptitude play ironic on me.

The Kids think that I should be fed via sling-shot.

Pat said...

Welcome, pathickey, and thanks for the compliment - we're honored to have such classy visitors to our humble stoop! Publia - here on the north side we don't know nuthin' about them petty-collars doo Dixie spoons. Here, ya' just pick that soup pot straight off the stove like a Shaolin priest. Mmm-mmm good! (Hope you'll keep slummin' with us anyway. ;-)

pathickey said...

Pat and Publia,

They sic the cops on auslanders like me up there by Wilmette . . .and over by there . . .and well they should.

God Bless All Here!

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