Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chicago Blog Birth Announcement!

A brand new Chicago blogger, ChiChick, announced the arrival of her newborn blog late yesterday afternoon:

First breath in the blogosphere!!! Gaaaaasp! Like a new born baby's first passage to chilly air. Like a new plant pushing its way up through the hard cold spring dirt. There is a sweet reality in this harsh time. Are you ready for some sunshine? I am.
ChiChick is on the hunt for things uplifting and inspiring, true stories of noble acts, reports of courage or kindness - in short, good news - and she's looking for tips. Pay Sweet Reality Beat a visit, and if you have found true stories that make you smile, or restore your faith in human nature, or just make you feel better, drop her a note in the comments. You'll find the link on our Chicago Metro & Suburbs list.


ChiChick said...

That's for the announcement Chi-town! It's much appreciated. As far as a babe blog goes, I've just found out I'm a snap dragon when it comes to flowers (thanks to a link on "...With Both Hands" blog). Who knew! :o)

Tom Mannis said...

CB, thanks for acting as midwife on this happy birth, and welcome to Sweet Reality Beat.

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