Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Chicago Blog Birth: Congrats Cincinnatus!

A new blog has joined what some have called "Chicago's dysfuntional family of bloggers". Cincinnatus went live today, with an excellent article discussing the future of the grassroots Tea Party movement, and it's causes. Here's a taste:

Every element of American life is under attack: from without (terrorism, international courts of law, the UN, our allies and our enemies), and from within (spending, taxes, unions, special interests, fat-cat lawyers and your elected officials). Everything you felt were sure things in your life no longer are; your safety, your job, your income, your home, your upward mobility, your retirement. All of these things are now uncertain.
[. . .]
Professional politicians, jurists and opinion makers have slowly marshaled the power formerly held by individuals. In the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers proclaimed individual rights to belong to the individual, not the group. In the Constitution, the Framers enumerated the limits of government to prohibit infringement on those rights.

On a daily basis we are ill-served by our elected politicians who have been entrusted to honestly represent us, lied to by a MSM that has Constitutionally protected status to assist with their duty to report, and betrayed by the organizations that were formed to protect our rights.

The blog's author, Frank Canzolino is "retired but thinking of reentering the rat race and is a former political campaign manager, engineer, physics teacher, carpenter and small businessman." It's also clear the man can write. So go pay a Frank a visit at Cincinnatus. We'll leave the porch light on.

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