Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanks to 61 Dems, It's R.I.P. Recall - Again.

As you may remember, the Democrats in Springfield killed the recall amendment a year ago, despite the fact that the people had voted in favor of it. Republicans attempted to resurrect it:

Republicans tried to discharge a recall amendment from the Rules Committee, where Speaker Michael Madigan has buried it. They wanted to bring it to the House floor so every member could vote on the amendment, which would permit the recall of state executive officers and legislators. The vote to keep the amendment buried: 61-47.
The Tribune has the names of the 61 Democrats that blocked recall (again). You might want to go take some notes, because, as State Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan) said:
"I just don't think recall is what we need," he said. "We have recall every two years -- it's called the ballot box."
Take your time, and make a good list so you can practice what Mr. Link preaches. We'll leave the porch light on.

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