Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Drudge: ABC Turns Programming Over to Obama

It sounds like a headline from the Onion, doesn't it? But no:

"On the night of June 24, the media and government become one, when ABC turns its programming over to President Obama and White House officials to push government run health care -- a move that has ignited an ethical firestorm!

Highlights on the agenda:

ABCNEWS anchor Charlie Gibson will deliver WORLD NEWS from the Blue Room of the White House.

The network plans a primetime special -- 'Prescription for America' -- originating from the East Room, exclude opposing voices on the debate."
Read the rest . . .

According to ABC News Senior Political Reporter Rick Klein:
The president will answer questions offered by audience members “selected by ABC News who have divergent opinions in this historic debate,” as well as some submitted via ABCNews.com, according to the press release announcing the event.
I wonder how "divergent" those opinions will be. We'll see.

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