Thursday, June 18, 2009

Illinois Review: Taxpayer-funded protestors demand taxpayers pay more

Are you sacrificing to make ends meet? Feel your job may be in peril? Yes, times are tough, but some folks think taxpayers' pockets are an endless resource, and they want still more from you. Illinois Review:

"If you're thinking you can just sit on the sidelines and watch Springfield's ongoing budget battle from the comfort of your laptop, you'll be a part of the negative end result simply if you do nothing. Those whose jobs depend on state welfare programs have kicked their demands into high gear, protesting state lawmakers' district offices and demanding all of us fortunate enough to still have jobs to pay higher income taxes to help them keep theirs."

" . . . Most companies have felt the squeeze and some employees have taken significant pay cuts just to stay on the payrolls. Everyone's sacrificing already. But it's not enough, they demand."
No, it never is enough, is it? To find out what disasters they claim will result - and what guilt you bear - if you don't want tax increases (and who to call if you're not buyin' it) read the rest . . .

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