Friday, July 31, 2009

The Black Sphere on the Whitehouse BeerFest

The Black Sphere has a thought or two on Gatesgate, and the ensuing beered-up "teachable moment":

In what was sold as the most transparent administration in the modern era, Obama’s teachable moment had a “gag order.” The conversation sealed until the next millennia, or some unspecified time when Amerika can be graced with Obama’s “words.” Perhaps the people of the year 3000 will get to hear this profound audio, and know how to deal with race issues, issues created when a puppet dictator decides to weigh in on issues “above his pay grade.” Until then, the rest of us will have to just rely on common sense and know that smart presidents simply ignore the non-event of cops doing their jobs.
It is a non-event -- but while the media pondered whether it would be Bud Light or Sam Adams, pols pondered what to do now that cash-for-clunkers ran out of cash and Pelosi pondered wringing "more cash out of the system" to pay for the massively expensive gubmint-run "health care". Funny how race-baiting provided a smoke screen for it all, and for an incisive and humorous take on that, Kevin Jackson at the Black Sphere is the go-to guy.

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