Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Little Tea Party Movement - Maybe Not So Little

Illinois Review: "Why morning in America (and Illinois) could be closer than we think":

"The Washington Examiner's Mark Tapscott makes some excellent points about the growing Tea Party movement and the swing back to the right among Americans since radical Democrats have taken control of DC. We at Illinois Review have contended the muffling of this non-partisan movement's voice by the Democrat-enabling mainstream media has done everything possible to suffocate this revived and energized grassroots movement here in Illinois and now in DC. They try to convince us that tax increases don't matter, that socialized health care is okay, that government control of private business is only at the last resort and that it really doesn't matter that our children and grandchildren will be forced to pay for our self-consumed spending." (Read more at IR ...)
Americans may not be asleep after all. Since the rumblings of anger that erupted on Twitter early last February the grassroots movement has grown extraordinarily, despite attacks from prominent politicians and their media -- when the media covered it at all. According to Tapscott:
. . . The "experts" in Washington, New York and elsewhere in the eliteratti are missing the biggest political story of the year - a growing grassroots protest movement that is independent of the two political parties and that is united by an aversion to "politics as usual."

Here's my thesis: Tea Party Protestors are the advance guard of an emerging wholesale national rejection of the liberal Democratic vision that empowers Washington politicians and bureaucrats to go on taxing, spending and regulating the U.S. into a sad state of sickly socialized progressive decadence. The Europeanization of America is doomed.
[. . .]
What The Wall Street Journal's Holman Jenkins Jr. calls "the spastic descent into machine liberalism - government for the benefit of government officials and their hangers-on" is not what most Americans voted for in 2006 and 2008. [Emphasis added.]
Laura Ingraham summed up the sentiment as she saw it, and I couldn't agree more:
They're tired of Republicans who act like Democrats, and they're tired of Democrats who don't care about mortgaging their future. . . The common sentiment here is that at some point, this bill is going to come due. . . [These are people] who are dismissed by most of the media, who are flicked off as fleas by so many in the so-called objective media, and they're tired of it. . . This is not about politics. This is about America."
Yes, ignored and tired -- and angry at Chicago machine-style "government for the benefit of government officials and their hangers-on." Enough is enough.

Tea, anyone?

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