Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Newsmax: ABC Pulls John Stossel’s Canadian Health Care Piece

Before making sweeping changes to health care in this country, some might think it would make sense to explore how similar systems are working in other countries. But evidently ABC came to a different conclusion as they pulled John Stossel’s exploration of Canadian health Care in favor of the historical importance of entertainer Michael Jackson:

"John Stossel, ABC News’ co-anchor of “20/20” and a New York Times best-selling author, likes to take a skeptical look at a wide array of issues, but hold the phone on his new Health Care Special – it was pulled to make room for yet more coverage of Michael Jackson.

Bad break for Stossel, but nice timing for President Barack Obama, who was certainly not going to get a leg up on his own health care reform initiative on the back of Stossel’s hard-hitting show: “Canadian Health Care: The End of Innovation?”"
From now on, if you want information on silly trivialities like the consequences of nationalized health care - which affects only 17.5 percent of the economy and is the largest industry in the U.S. - you might want to find another source for news and coverage of opposing opinions. Like this one from Cato Institute:

Just sayin'.

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