Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grass Roots Market Response to High Gas Prices

Headline from Chicago Sun-Times (Thursday June 19, 2008, pages 1&2):

Americans Drove 30 Billion Fewer Miles in 6 Months

I did some figuring and at an average of, say, 12 miles per gallon, that would be 2.5 billion fewer gallons of gasoline consumed in that same six months. Is this what's making the Saudis uneasy? This was accomplished without a congressman or senator proposing "nationalization"(a.k.a.- Hugo Chavez). Folks just decided, on their own, to save some money by doing things a bit different and the market is responding. Innovation won't and has never come from Washington.

Americans have always been able to overcome a challenge. Not every problem needs to be solved with hearings and regulations. We can make a difference.

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