Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama's Early Funding: Rezko, Pfleger, Ayers & Others

Jacksonian at Dumb Looks Still Free has a very detailed look at Obama's early campaign funding. Pay attention to links to sources - very informative stuff. (I especially like this link to Muckety.) This is a well researched, rich post, so get your coffee ready, and go dig in.

H/T Bill Baar's West Side (again).


A Jacksonian said...

My thanks!

Actually hadn't planned on it being that detailed, but just couldn't stop... I was amazed *anyone* could buy the story that he was against PACs and Big Business contributions to campaign financing. The man had run a campaign almost entirely on that alone... the downstream payoff for Obama and can only make sense with that early set of associations that show up way back in 1990, with the funding hitting in the early/mid-1990's.

Let me say that I only visited Chicago once, in 1997, for the Print '97 venue, and stayed just down the street from the Blackhawk Lodge restaurant... very nice place, and did pretty well in the environs, too. Definite reminders of my old hometown of Buffalo walking around in Chicago.

Pat said...

Thanks for dropping by!

I looked at the link in your comment, and once again, a richly detailed post. You have put a huge amount of work into this stuff!

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