Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Olympic Skin

Fran Spielman, ( Chicago Sun-Times, June 10, 2008, Page 20) "Is $500 Million Guarantee Enough?":

Mayor Daley said Monday he doesn't know yet whether taxpayers will need to increase their $500 million Olympic guarantee, but he portrayed the International Olympic Committee's critique of Chicago's transportation plan as no big deal.

The chairman of the City Council's Finance Committee has offered to up the ante if that's what it takes to satisfy the IOC.
It's nice to know we have elected officials who strive to satisfy the demands of the IOC, and "up the ante" with our money.
(Mayor) Daley initially promised to bankroll his Olympic dream with "not a dime" of taxpayer's money, only to break that promise after the 2007 mayoral election when the United States Olympic Committee demanded that Chicago "put some skin in the game."
Remember this: The path to that "skin" leads directly through our pockets. Experience tells me it will become a pound of flesh.

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Bill Baar said...

I've yet to meet anyone thrilled about having this, and the enthusiasm lessens as you talk to people who live in or close to the city.... maybe I just talk to the wrong folks.

Marge said...

Over the last year we have watched the Chicago transportation system struggle to get much needed dollars so it's citizens can get to work and school. There have also been several "L" mishaps and accidents. NOW, because the Olympic committee says we have inadequate transportation, this city will find the funds to improve the system. Will this beefed up transportation also go away when the games are over?

Pat said...

I know the "pound of flesh" we put in the game won't go away, whether or not the Olympics are here.

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