Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Unintelligible Obama Oratory

Two clips of Obama's nonsensical answers at town hall meetings (video) at Bill Baar's are unintelligible because, the candidate says, he "hasn't had much sleep in the last 48 hours". In a clip on this page (scroll way down) he appears to be speaking with imaginary friends, one of whom is "all fired up". He couldn't "hear himself think", although the crowd is quietly, respectfully listening. Poor guy. It's possible that continued performances like these will shake the press out of their fugue state (there's not much hope for some of his supporters, I'm afraid). More importantly, let's hope he gets all rested up, while someone else handles the presidency.

(H/T Bill Baar's West Side, Four Right Wing Wackos, and Moonbattery)


Bill Baar said...


We need those McCain and Obama town hall meetings.

Pat said...

Oh yes. No doubt about it.

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