Sunday, July 06, 2008

American Thinker: Disconfirmations Disconfirmed: Saddam Had Nuke Program

Well, well. Saddam did have a nuclear program. Saddam did have yellowcake. It was not a lie. Randall Hoven at American Thinker:

Now we hear from the Associated Press that "The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein's nuclear program -- a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium -- reached a Canadian port." That last "remnant" was 550 metric tons of yellowcake uranium. That is over 1.2 million pounds of yellowcake! Also, the military had previously withdrawn "four devices for controlled radiation exposure ... that could potentially be used in a weapon." All this was located at "the former Tuwaitha nuclear complex about 12 miles south of Baghdad."
Looks like bumper stickers shouldn't govern foreign policy after all.

Update 7/8: Opinion from Investor's Business Daily. (There's also a summary of IAEA and UNSCOM findings on Saddam's weapons programs here. If you were paying attention pre-invasion, this won't be news to you. As a matter of fact, if you were paying attention to the Discovery Channel documentaries on the Israeli strike on the Iraqi reactor - the one they got from France - you may also remember the footage of hundreds of stacked barrels of nuclear material. The point in filming them was that the Israeli's managed to take out the reactor without hitting the uranium and causing a nuclear incident. Ever wonder what happened to that stuff? Think Hans Blix watches the Discovery Channel? Aw, nevermind.)


Bill Baar said...

Pretty amazing yes? Won't change any minds though...

Marge said...

Why, because many minds are too narrow?

Pat said...

We will now hear that:

It was there before the invasion, ergo it doesn't count. If they find fresh supplies of yellowcake, we modify: it wasn't there when we invaded, ergo it doesn't count.

For those who think scoring politically is more important than national security, it will be impossible to understand why Bush didn't shriek from the housetops when it was found, and therefore it must be a lie. (In other words, for some it will be incomprehensible that he did not make a public service announcement to all terrorists and bad actors in the region that yellowcake is available in abundance at Tuwaitha.)

And the finale: It is not a WMD.

So, I agree - picking off the bumper stickers and learning to form complete sentences will not be on the agenda any time soon. "Narrow minds" sure is one way to describe it. Publicly, anyway. ;-)

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