Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Let's Look on the Bright Side.

Buck up! Some things really are going to change.

Most importantly, racism is dead. (This couldn't have happened if it were all that pervasive in the first place, but that won't matter to media myth makers and political agitators.)

The eight-year-long infantile screech we've endured from the left is finally over. It's their turn to play defense now.

The foreign media might now cover the Illinois political scene, that didn't get a glance from American newsrooms. Okay, so it's not that likely. But they might.

The networks can retire their Washington correspondents. What's to cover? They can set up tapes on a continuous loop: "All is well. The One is in charge."

We know all we need to know about Joe the Plumber. Now we'll find out about Obama. By the way - America, welcome to Illinois! Come on in! Have a look around! (Pardon the mess...)

Some of our weasels in Springfield and Chicago will be heading to DC soon. It may be a little shocking for the rest of the country, but the relatives they appoint to their old jobs might be better for us here in Illinois. (Was that selfish?)

We can start betting pools on how long it takes the far left wing to stop using Bush as the bogeyman. (Yeah, I know. These are the Peter-Pans of politics, and it's not gonna happen. Just for today, let me dream ...)

The world may discover that an American economy declining into socialism has a negative effect on their cash flow, too. They might have to stop hating us for capitalism, and begin hating us for something different. Like the laziness and decadence of our news media.

Here's one from Stix, posted yesterday: Finally--maybe--an end to the economy bashing. No maybe about it, as it turns out. The Greatest Great Depression since the Great Depression is over today. (The media can't very well wait until January - that'd be a little too obvious.) UPDATE: Oops. Maybe not - big selloff.

I'll add more as I think of 'em. You can, too.

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Maggie M. Thornton said...

Honestly, I had to rejoice at the market plunge today. It couldn't have happened on a better day. I'm shooting myself in the foot, I know, but for today, it was a good thing.

Haven't noticed a single report, though, pointing out that perhaps the market is a bit leary of an Obama Presidency.

You made some excellent and very clever points here.

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