Monday, February 09, 2009

Cost of Cook County bloat & connected employees to be covered by enormous new debt?

As usual, the solution to their problem is your wallet. Fed up? Call one, call them all. Chicago Tribune:

By nightfall Monday, you and your children could be additional hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. The Cook County Board may vote on whether to borrow that money to cover its operating costs. The best alternative: Make modest cuts of perhaps 6 percent in a government bloated with surplus and politically connected employees.

Yes, this is the same Cook County Board that in 2008 foolishly raised the sales tax by a full percentage point. With that needlessly extorted revenue now raining from the sky, board President Todd Stroger wants to borrow still more. Anything to avoid the downsizing and economizing he's been promising for years.

His new debt, of course, instantly becomes your new debt. Stroger's cronies on the board have pretended for months that they could raise Cook County's indebtedness from its current nearly $3 billion to as much as $3.7 billion without burdening taxpayers. Folks, don't try that at home. Particularly during a global economic emergency squarely rooted in . . . too much borrowing.
Read the whole thing, including the list of names and phone numbers of the eight Democrats "who appear inclined to vote for Stroger's bonding plan." If you are not among those who enjoy the fruit of taxpayer labor and political connectedness, you'll want to remember their names when you vote.

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