Friday, February 27, 2009

The Desecration of the Bean

I don't know how we missed this. Early this month, some irreverent low-down miscreant scratched the name "Peter S."* into the Bean. ("The Bean" is Chicagoans' nickname for the Cloud Gate "sculpture" in Millennium Park, because - well, because it looks like a bean.) Mayor Daley, who is very fond of the Cloud Gate Bean, was furious. According to Chicago Sun Times reporters Andrew Herrmann and Fran Spielman, we have this statement from park spokeswoman Jill Hurwitz:

"Most people are extremely respectful" of the Bean, she said, describing the damage as minor.
Yup. Most people know, you just don't mess with the Bean, see? The damage was minor, but for the Mayor, Bean desecration is not to be taken lightly:
"That's a very sad comment when you're defacing the Bean. We hope to get the person who did it and let that person pay for it," Daley said.
Yes. This is a Sad and Serious Thing. The damage was swiftly buffed out, which was no doubt costly. The culprit should pay for it. And speaking of "sad comments" - will the Mayor's "the person who did it should pay for it" principle ever apply to corrupt officials and double-dippers? I think the answer is no - not as long as there is a taxpayer's pocket left inside the city limits. Are you tired of picking up the tab for the corrupt and politically favored? Got a sad comment or two of your own? Yeah, me too. Maybe it's time we scratch it into a ballot.

(*The name in the Sun Times photo of the Bean desecration (see article) looks like "Ashley" to me. Maybe Peter had a fixer.)

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