Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Videos & Links

There were already rumblings of anger and digital talk of a 'Tea Party' less than a month ago, before the now famous Santelli rant. Since, some ordinarily silent Americans, routinely ignored by their alleged representatives and sneered at by the media, have decided they have something to say. They began to say it at more than 40 "Chicago Tea Parties" which erupted all over the nation yesterday. This is video from The Chicago Tea Party, Chicago, Illinois:

Despite what the political and media classes will say, Rick Santelli didn't create the anger these Americans feel. Many have struggled, worked hard to feed and educate their kids. They have paid their bills and mortgages, and overcome their own financial disasters without being subsidised. They are routinely slapped by the media, and by many politicians, who say they are stupid, hateful, racist, and selfish for resenting escalating taxation for benefits they will never see. Here's a news flash: this slice of the American demographic is well and truly pissed off.

How big is that slice? I'm no expert, but if I were a politician, I'd start thinking about this: There was no official organizer, no George Soros to foot the bill for advertising. Yet in only eight days, for the first time in my memory, ordinary working Americans hit the streets in protest, all over the country:

(Note: I'll be updating these links throughout today, and as I find them. If you don't see news sources for your city, check back shortly.)

* Atlanta, Georgia (More at Christopher Estep's America)
* Asheville, North Carolina (Video)
* Austin, Texas
* Boston, Massachusetts
* Buffalo, New York
* Chicago, Illinois (more at Chicago News Bench, Marathon Pundit, Backyard Conservative, Founding Bloggers, Intolerant Fox, Freedom Folks . IGNORED BY SUN TIMES AND TRIBUNE, as noted in the Chicago Daily Observer.)
* Cleveland, Ohio
* Columbia, South Carolina
* Dallas, Texas (More at Trey Garrison)
* Davenport, Iowa
* Denver, Colorado (video)
* Fayetteville, North Carolina
* Fort Meyers Beach, Florida
* Fort Worth, Texas (More at The Whited Sepulchre)
* Gainesville Florida
* Greenville, South Carolina
* Hartford, Connecticut
* Houston, Texas (Video, Interviews)
* Jackson, Mississippi
* Jacksonville, Florida
* Kansas City, Missouri (More at The End Zone)
* Lansing, Michigan (More at Michigan Taxes Too Much)
* Los Angeles, California (More at Gay Patriot)
* Nashville, Tennessee (More at The Tennessee ConserVOLiance)
* New York City, New York
* Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (More at Provocateur and Wizbang)
* Omaha, Nebraska
* Orlando, Florida (Video)
* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
* Phoenix, Arizona
* Portland, Oregon
* Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
* Sacramento California (Video)
* San Antonio, Texas
* San Diego, California (More at Cheat Seeking Missiles, KFMB, Video 1, Video 2)
* Sarasota, Florida
* Seattle, Washington
* Shelby County, Alabama
* Springfield, Missouri
* St. Louis, Missouri (More at Gateway Pundit and The Repurblican)
* Tampa, Florida
* Tempe, Arizona
* Tulsa, Oklahoma
* Washington D.C. (More at This Ain't Hell, Michelle Malkin)
* Wichita, Kansas (Video)

National Coverage: WorldNetDaily, Instapundit, Fox News, Michelle Malkin, Pal2Pal, Christian Science Monitor

If I were a politician, I'd consider the demonstrators' numbers in view of the fact that this protest for hard working Americans was held on a work day. How many wanted to come, and didn't because of threatening economic conditions? I'd wonder, even though they can't afford to contribute much to my campaign, what happens if I continue to insult their intelligence and their values, or ignore them altogether? As a matter of fact, if I were a politician watching this slice of America go activist, I might start thinking about how it feels to be unemployed.

(Post by Pat and -"Tippin' the tea barrel," Not Wired.)

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