Monday, March 30, 2009

Corruption? Sorry about that.

As you already know, Streets and Sanitation chief Al Sanchez was found guilty last week of four of seven counts of mail fraud, having been accused of reinventing hiring rules to reward political allies. Clout Street has Daley's response:

"Mayor Richard Daley today expressed regret for the hiring fraud scandal in his administration.

A day after a federal jury convicted his former Streets and Sanitation commissioner of corruption charges, the mayor read a statement at a news conference.

'I want to say to the people of Chicago that I understand this is a disappointment,' Daley said.

He said he knew the conviction does not reflect well on the city or his administration.

'For that, I am sorry,' Daley said."
Yeah, Mayor, it is yet another disappointment that city jobs are "used as currency". I yearn for the day that it is a surprise.


Capn said...

Hey, just found your blog - love it!
We just posted a bit on the Chicago Tax Revolt - the beginning with the parking meters, and swelling into something else.

Please check us out, and add us to your rolls.

Mr. Mike said...

Funny, in New Orleans they are having similar issues!!!

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