Friday, April 03, 2009

Blagojevich, His Brother, 4 Others Indicted

The criminal complaint issued last December has now culminated in the expected indictments:

Disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich, his brother Rob, who managed his campaign fund, two former Blago chiefs of staff, John Harris and Lon Monk, Blagojevich pal and fundraiser Christopher Kelly, and longtime Springfield political insider and the only Republican in the bunch, William Cellini.

It's the third time Kelly has been indicted, but the first time for public corruption--Kelly has already pleaded guilty to tax charges. Cellini was indicted last fall for allegedly attempting to extort campaign contributions for Blagojevich--who of course is a Democrat. (more...)
You can find the indictment, fact sheet, and press release at the DOJ Chicago Press Room (2009). Legal Insurrection explains:
The nineteen Counts in the Indictment contain allegations which mostly have surfaced before, including alleged attempts to sell Barack Obama's open Senate seat in exchange for campaign contributions and a possible job for Blagojevich after leaving office, attempted extortion of campaign contributions from Chicago Children's Hospital, attempted extortion of a racetrack owner, and attempts to have Blagojevich's wife, Patty, benefit in her real estate business. (more...)
While in the machine establishment Democrats would like you to believe otherwise, Anne at Backyard Conservative is reminding us that there are No Dem Victims:
Before we go any further down this road, I noted last night at least one news organization was referring to Rahm Emanuel as a "victim". Please. Rod Blagojevich was Rahmbo's predecessor in the 5th congressional seat and Emanuel was a big supporter of Blago early on, helping in his first run for governor. (more...)
She's calling for you to support transparency, too. I think there's something else you can do. Corruption on the scale achieved by Chicago politicians can't happen without corrupt citizens. Yes, I said citizens. Citizens who are willing to use the government to take your money for their benefit, whether it's double dipping, or contracts unfairly obtained, or legislative favors. If you are not one of them, please understand that this is NOT "just the way things get done". They are using you for their own self-promotion, benefiting their families, not yours, and they will vote the status quo. I think it's possible that honest folks may still outnumber them. Wake up, register if you haven't, and VOTE THEM OUT.

More info:
DOJ Press Release at Illinois Review
Clout Street: Blagojevich, brother, aides indicted
US DOJ Northern District Press Room (2008)
Blagojevich & Harris Criminal Complaint: Index, Outline

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