Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daley says Quinn's tax plan may lead to local tax increase.

Daley - the very picture of sympathy for folks who cannot afford to pay more taxes - explains why they will have to pay more taxes. Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun Times:

"Gov. Quinn’s proposal to raise the state income tax but withhold millions of dollars in new tax revenue from cities will turn up the heat to increase local taxes, Mayor Daley warned today."
[. . .]
"Local governments across Illinois have worked very hard to cut spending and improve management. We have cut back overtime. We have furlough days for management and shutting down government. We cut unnecessary expenses. We keep cutting the budget-- ">not filling job requests. You have to do this in regards to your budget because people are suffering in this country” and they can’t afford to pay higher taxes.*
Yes, that would be YET ANOTHER local tax increase. And that increase would be Quinn's fault, according to Daley. Quinn blames Blagojevich, who blamed Ryan. All decry the lousy economy, on the off chance you hadn't noticed - an economy that makes this an abysmal time to raise taxes. But don't you bother your gullible little voter head with all that, because
The city’s legislative agenda also includes: a long-stalled capital bill; property tax and foreclosure relief; increased education funding; pension reform for the CTA and Chicago Public Schools and a $250 million Olympic guarantee from the state to bolster a $500 million guarantee from Chicago taxpayers.

“This is 2016. This is not tomorrow…You need vision. You have to see something in the future. If you don’t, you live in the past and you die in the past. Government cannot do that,” Daley said.
(That would be the Olympic "vision" that wasn't going to cost taxpayers, remember?) Evidently corruption hasn't died in the past. Graft jobs haven't either. How much of that "foreclosure relief" will go to connected developers, I wonder? And how many honest businesses and citizens have a "vision" of fleeing to other counties, other states? Are the corrupt bastards (including corrupt citizens that pig out at the taxpayer trough) that created this mess going to share in the "sacrifice"? I think we all know the answer to that.

*Emphasis added.

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