Friday, March 20, 2009

IUSB Vision: Roundup of News You Missed Because of the AIG Media Distraction

The IUSB Vision Weblog has a list of the news items obscured by the media blitz on AIG:

Obama took half a million dollars for a book deal a few days before the inauguration. - LINK. Remember how upset the Democrats and the media got over newt Gingrich’s book deal?

Video: Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi that enforcing immigration laws is “un-American” - LINK

The Huffington Post calls on the FCC to censor media they consider to be conservative. Of course MSNBC is right down the middle…. - LINK. Like all too many college administrators and other far left Democrats the First Amendment only counts for speech they like.

Secularists trying to get St. Patrick’s day renamed to “Shamrock Day” - LINK. Haven’t people had enough of these God-O-phobes yet?
These are just a few of one long, delicious list of links & videos. Go watch and read - we'll wait.

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