Friday, June 12, 2009

Libertarians say what we should all be saying...VERY LOUD!

Libertarians say “cancel stimulus spending”

New polling shows 45% agree with Libertarians that stimulus spending should be canceled

WASHINGTON -- America’s third largest party Wednesday called on Congress to terminate the remainder of stimulus spending citing new polling data showing a plurality of Americans now believe what Libertarians have said since January – Obama’s stimulus package is too big, too expensive and doesn’t help the economy.
“The best way to create the jobs Americans need is to cut taxes for families and employers, cut or eliminate taxes on savings and investments and begin to repeal the twisted jungle of federal regulations that employers had to spend $1.17 trillion to comply with in 2008,” said Redpath. (Libertarian National Committee Chairman) (emphasis added)
Read the entire press release here. Maybe we can forward this to every Nancy, Joe and Harry on Capitol Hill. I'd be delighted to read it to them. Think they might listen?

Probably not, but we can hope.

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