Friday, June 12, 2009

Schwarzenegger Threatens to Shut Down California Government

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger threatened to shut down the government of California, in order to spur lawmakers to strike a budget deal. He said the threat was "necessary to spur lawmakers to act quickly" to resolve the state's $24 billion shortfall. Fox 5, San Diego:

State finance officials say California coffers will be empty in late July unless the projected $24-billion budget shortfall is resolved quickly. Schwarzenegger said that emergency borrowing would be too expensive and that his threat to block it was necessary to prod lawmakers into swift action.
Amazing, isn't it, that Schwarzenegger has to threaten California lawmakers - like children threatened with a time out - to force them to a timely response? Then again, maybe not so amazing. It is California, after all.

And to our readers from California - you have our sympathy. Nobody understands fiscal adolescents better than the folks from Illinois.

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Dan said...

Hello, I think that arnold is right by threating to do so. But If I was govener, I would defiantly start cleaning up wellfare. As you know it is the illegals draining our system. And nobody is willing to take a stand. Law makers new for years that the state was in trouble, and looked the other way. Now thay wait till the very end, to do somthing. So there is no justice. People will suffer. Dan M

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