Thursday, June 11, 2009

Springfield's "Disingenuous and Self-serving" Reform

I have no doubt that Democrat's campaign commercials will tout this bill as a "courageous" and "sacrificial" and a "victory for the little guy." You know - all the usual stuff. Problem is, the bill seems to be exactly that -- more of the usual stuff:

Yes, it sets limits on how much money a candidate can accept, but it opens at least as many doors as it closes.

Those caps on contributions -- $5,000 from individuals and $10,000 from corporations, unions and other groups, and a miserly $90,000 from committees run by party leaders -- are subject to all sorts of multipliers. A candidate can now have three campaign committees instead of one, and the limits are based on calendar year, not election cycle -- which not accidentally gives incumbents a big edge in fundraising. In-kind contributions are virtually unrestrained. There's more, but you get the picture.
You didn't really expect them to protect your backside, did you? And, after the fashion of Illinois politics, there's more. We've all heard Quinn demand reform, but:
then, when he didn't get it, traded his support for a promise right there in the bill that the Democratic Party wouldn't back another candidate in the primary if Quinn runs in 2010.
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