Monday, June 08, 2009

Who Says Chicago Doesn't Deserve to Host 2016 Olympics?

Well, Sun Times columnist Rick Telander says so, under the subhead 'Blatantly corrupt or simply stupid? City unworthy of 2016 Games'. (Many Chicagoans ponder that question. For the moment I'll keep my own conclusions on both the question and the ponderers to myself.) Here's a little excerpt from Telander's delicious rant:

The politics of pay-for-play and skimming and old-fashioned, suspender-snapping, cigar-chomping, big-bellied ''Where's mine?'' clout is so vibrant and alive and grotesquely arrogant here in Chicago that it is very nearly a breathing, slime-dripping creature worthy of a Star Wars-style nuclear assault.
Ah, yes. I love it. There's lots more - go read the whole thing. We'll leave the porch light on.

(Via The Daily Daley)


Anonymous said...

As I like to say. I moved here from California because the Golden State wasn't corrupt enough for my tastes.

Pat said...

LOL! For corruption, you sure picked the right place!

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