Friday, July 17, 2009

Boxer's Tangle With NBCC Chairman Alford; What He Didn't Say in the Hearing; What He DID Say to Breitbart TV

Harry C. Alford, President and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, took offense at Senator Barbara Boxer's racially charged statements during the hearing on energy policy yesterday. The video (6 minutes) is terrific:

The same video is available at the NBCC website. There we are told what many are missing -- that the report on the Markey/Waxman Cap & Tax bill would cause a massive loss of jobs and GDP reduction.

"Unfortunately, what has been lost in this exchange is an opportunity to talk about the substantive issue of Energy and the NBCC Study on the Markey/Waxman Climate Change Bill."

To view our Climate Study, Click on the Link:
NBCC Study Finds Waxman-Markey Reduces GDP by $350 Billion: New study finds Waxman-Markey could cost 2.5 million U.S. jobs each year through 2030 and reduce earnings.
Breitbart TV talked with Mr. Alford after the hearing. He talks about "green jobs" (not) in California, reveals that he got an email from the Brigadier general who called Boxer ma'am (and what was in it). And he said this about the way Boxer treated him during the hearing:
"It was condescending. It was -- it was like being in Mississippi in 1945, and you got uppity to the old white boss, and he goes out finds him another black to whip your butt for him. It was vile Jim Crow. And I am not letting it slip by."
This one is about 20 minutes long. Get a cup of coffee, and enjoy.

UPDATE: Another interview with Alford, this time with John Ziegler at KGIL Radio - read & listen at Hot Air.

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