Friday, July 17, 2009

Meet the Palin Accuser; Mason's Derangement Theory; Bye-bye, Roesgen!

Palin's 19th ethics complaint was just dismissed -- and along comes #20. Who files these complaints, even though one after another are dismissed? Johnny Alamo "did a little research, and found one name that kept popping up in ethics complaints in Alaska." Read about it at Alamo City Pundit.

What is their problem? Jackie Mason thinks he knows:

And speaking of derangement, remember the CNN reporter's little objectivity-lapse at the Chicago Tea Party?

Now, that was an embarassment, and CNN tried to remove both the above video, and a video by Founding Bloggers that included her interaction with another Tea Party participant. Upshot: Founding Bloggers fought back, the videos were restored, and Roesgen's career at CNN is history.

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