Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fleming Bill Says Congressmen Who Vote for Government-Run Health Care Should Be Its First Customers

This is an idea that is long overdue. Shouldn't our representatives be held accountable for the consequences of their legislation - or at least share in the difficulties and pain that they inflict on the rest of us? When it comes to government controlled health care, at least one representative thinks so. CNS News:

Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) introduced a bill Monday that urges members of Congress who vote to create a government-run health insurance agency to give up their own comprehensive health insurance plans to join the new the public option they advocate for others.

The bill, H. Res. 615, says members of Congress who vote for a government-run health care bureau should become the inaugural customers of government-run health-care."
I think we know that members of Congress who promote government-run health insurance would never, never subject themselves -- or their families -- to anything of the kind. It will be instructive to see their response as a requirement to join the rest of us calls their bluff:
“When the bill actually comes to floor – if it contains a single-payer option – then we plan to add an amendment that says that, there being a single-payer option, members of Congress will forgo their ability to opt into the federal program and that they will take the same single-payer option that most Americans will end up with,” said Fleming.
Delicious, no? Time to call them to demand just that - or better yet, don't pass the bill. After all, as he said:
“I think that the job of a congressman is to represent his people,” he said. “How can you honestly represent your people when you’re not dealing with the same problems and issues and decision-making that others do?”

Fleming said his bill would address the public perception that Congress doesn’t like to play by its own rules, exempting itself from the downsides of the “reforms” it says we all need.
Of course, it would be better for them to consider the consequences of legislation before they pass it. But since they don't, wouldn't it be delightful to see our elitist illustrious representatives eat the fruit of their own doings along with the rest of us? As Fleming himself wrote at Townhall:
If Members of Congress believe so strongly that government-run health care is the best solution for hard working American families, I think it only fitting that Americans see them lead the way. Public servants should always be accountable and responsible for what they are advocating, and I challenge the American people to demand this from their representatives.
Based on the likelihood of "responsible and accountable" representation, I'd call and demand that they leave health care the hell alone.

Personally, I'd be satisfied to see our Chicago overlords feed a parking meter. Or even better -- maybe we should demand that we get the same perks they do. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get qualified-or-not admission to University of Illinois for your kid - like these guys have for theirs? I wouldn't mind collecting a paycheck for a job you don't show up for -- like maybe pretending to guard the phantom Cook County jail, for example. Oh - and I wouldn't mind exempting myself from the handgun ban, while we're at it. If I were self-serving and corrupt, I can think of dozens of advantages I wouldn't mind having. How 'bout you?

Bumped up from the comments: A reader (Thane Eichenauer) posted the link to H. Res. 615 at OpenCongress. I've added the link to the reference to the bill (above). It's nice to have readers who are on the ball. Thanks Thane!

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