Saturday, July 11, 2009

General Comments / Open Thread

We've had some great comments from our readers -- and we love to hear what you're thinkin'. Want to guess who's up for the next indictment? Got comments (sans profanity) about parking meters, or the olympics, or tax increases? Is it really possible to reform corruption in Illinois? Tell us how you see it.

Now, there's nothing worse than an open thread that no one shows up for. So even if you're just quietly following us on a feed, or Twitter, or whatever -- do us a favor and say hello.

Okay, the ball's in your court, folks. Have a seat on the stoop, and have at it.

(Extra credit: If we do this on a regular basis, we'll want to have a special title for general bungalow porch (stoop) chat. No prize, really -- but if you're a blogger it'll get you some linky-love.)


Not Wired said...

Lookin' forward to sharing with our friends!! Can't wait to hear what's on people's minds. We'd love a long and lively thread.

Watchin' For Sitters
Not Wired

Marge said...

Ah, an open invitation to give my opinion. How rare and where do I begin!
In regards to political injustice and corruption there are probably several things that get me heated.
I’m wondering, how many of the American voters just rant, complain, and criticize via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. versus putting their voice somewhere it truly will be heard and make a difference.
Yes, we speak volumes with our votes or lack of votes, but is that enough? Are taxpaying Americans really getting a voice?
How many people write their Alderman, State and Federal Representatives? How many people self educate on the United States Constitution, state and local laws? How many people are actively a part of their community to help try and fix the issues that get their “undies in a bunch”? How many people throw their hat in the “Political Ring” on any level of government?
What would really bring about “Change”?
These are basically hypothetical questions, but if anyone has stats or knows where I can get more information about Government for the People, by the People, I’d love to hear.
I have found that “Talk is Cheap” and “Actions do Speak Louder than Words” and if we call our Politician’s out on the carpet for these offenses, shouldn’t we take some of the responsibility?

Pat said...

Maybe the stats to look at are education stats (read miserable). Your question, "How many people self educate on the United States Constitution..." struck me as one of the most important. We're already paying for the education that should include the principles of liberty and the importance of an informed vote ("civics") -- but clearly that's not happening. It amazes me that so many people don't have a clue about our own form of government.

I've wondered how voters can learn. Too many are not self-educating, which may be the only option since schools evidently aren't doing it, and the so-called "news" media won't.

Marge said...

In defense of our school system, schools do require that every graduate pass the constitution test before graduating on the primary and secondary level. What may be missing is the detail of the education given in order to pass the test. And as many a Good teacher would tell us, "You can lead a horse to water"...
Parents are equally responsible for educating and training children on All things. It's very sad to hear 18 year old voters say they won't vote because they really don't understand what they are voting for and who they should be voting for.
As for the media, well they came through the same education system.

Pat said...

Great point on the media! If that doesn't sum up the sad state of education, I don't know what does!

One detail that seems to be missing in the so-called "civics" requirement is the fact that the President is not a king. (Somebody failed to tell Henrietta that getting your guy in office doesn't mean you get a free house. Guess they forgot to tell Obama, too, since she got it.) Recently I talked with a young teen who told me that he failed the civics test & graduated anyway. This was in an affluent suburb. I'm thinkin' maybe the horses that need to be led are the educators themselves - including some oversight on these requirements. Or maybe those horses should be put out to pasture...

Agree on the parents - but I don't think much can be done about parents who refuse to confront their children or the system without interfering with parents' rights. I don't believe that's an option.

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